Pre-Order Policy

We will be emailing you updates about your order. Please make sure your email spam filter has emails from marked as ‘safe’ so you don’t miss any updates.

What is a ‘Pre-order’ item?

A pre-order item has not been manufactured at time of sale. By placing a pre-order, you are reserving an item ahead of production so you are guaranteed to receive it.  Your pre-order money goes directly towards production. We will not be able to ship your item until production is complete. 

Production begins after the pre-order window has been closed. Pre-order windows range 1-3 months. Manufacturing time depends on the size and complexity of the piece.  This will take at least several months. We appreciate your patience 

What is a ‘NFD’ (Non Refundable Deposit) and why do you collect them?

(The NRD for each item is located on the listing, below the ADD TO CART button.)

We collect NRDs on all preorder items.  Your preorder money goes directly towards production. When an item is pre-ordered you are reserving that item. The amount of preorders collected will determine the amount of work and materials needed by the factory. They need to know the amount to schedule time and gather material.

When will you collect shipping fees?

Shipping fees and shipping addresses are collected when your order is ready to ship. We can not calculate shipping fees for preorder items until production is complete. Until then, we will not know the dimensions of the package which are required to calculate shipping. Also shipping rates fluctuate and we have no way of knowing what they will be at time of shipment.  By waiting until the item is ready to ship we are ensuring the most up to date shipping prices.


Please note that international orders will have to go through customs. This may delay your package’s arrival time and there may be Customs Fees separate from shipping fees. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with your country’s customs policies  before making your purchase. 

Customs fees are not included in the shipping price and are the responsibility of the customer. Your country’s customs department may hold your package until customs fees are paid.